Splitting Initials

I LOVE MY SILHOUETTE: Splitting Initials

Gower Family


This is a tutorial using the Silhouette, with Designer Edition Software.

Regal and Sail

Fonts we’re using: Regal and Sail. If you are making items to sell, Regal is available for commercial use. Please read the terms of use for Sail here. The font I used on my Gower Family sample is Laurell. There is no license for Laurell.

Type the letter you’re going to use. I find it MUCH easier to enlarge, and fill with color.
Create a thin rectangle across the middle of the letter. I turn on the grid so I can have everything centered and see where edges are, etc.

Divide the halves

Select ALL, open the MODIFY menu. Click SUBTRACT. Allow some time, this takes a while on my system.

Group each half of the letter and move the halves apart using the up/down arrows to keep them aligned. Create a thin rectangle wide enough to accommodate the width of the letter. Copy this rectangle using the duplicate below feature. Move the rectangles. Weld each half (separately) by selecting the letter parts and the rectangle.

Splitting Initials

Type sentiment or name in the open area using Sail font.

Splitting Initials

If you prefer a visual, this is a video from user SewCrafty718 YouTube.

4 thoughts on “I LOVE MY SILHOUETTE: Splitting Initials

    1. Allie Gower

      The fonts are listed in the blog post. They are hyperlinked. So … not too hard to find. This tutorial is not for Cricut Explore. It’s for using Silhouette software. There are tutorials for doing it in Cricut Explore’s Design Space. Just google.

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